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We are excited to tell you about our plans to expand our family through adoption! It has been quite an emotional journey to get to this point, and we are ready for the next chapter in our lives. In addition to working with an adoption agency (Adoption Network Law Center), we are searching on our own for a birthmother who has an unplanned pregnancy and who wishes to make an adoption plan for her child. The first step in this process is to update our home-study, which we have successfully completed. The next step is to get the word out!!!! Word of mouth is an effective means of spreading the news, so we would greatly appreciate your help in getting the word out there that we are adopting. If you know of someone who may wish to make an adoption plan, please don’t hesitate to tell her about us (and this website). We would love to meet with her or answer any questions she might have. Feel free to give her our names, and our contact information. We appreciate your support and continued prayers as we travel through this next step of our journey. Thanks for spreading the word and helping us during this exciting time!


Melissa Savage

Chris Savage

Childhood:I am the third of five children. I have two younger sisters (twins), an older brother, and an older sister. My dad worked for the LAPD while my mom stayed at home to raise us. Growing up in the Antelope Valley afforded me some amazing experiences as a child. We moved to the Antelope Valley before most of it was developed. This meant that the desert was one big, vast playground for me and my siblings. I can remember building secret forts in the junipers and burying treasures at the feet of the Joshua trees. We would ride our bikes up and down the hills of the desert or play hide and go seek among the tumbleweeds.childhood1

Some of my favorite childhood memories are of my older brother and me creating new games to play in the backyard or simply playing with our stuffed animals (stuffies). Each stuffy had its own personality, voice, and back-story. We would spend hours laughing as we acted out new adventures in Stuffy Land. To this day I still have Tigger, one of my first stuffies, and my brother has Trigger, Tigger’s rebellious twin.Growing up I was definitely a daddy’s girl. My favorite was taking a “sick day.” My dad would stay home from work and pull me out of school for the day. We would enjoy our day by going out to breakfast and a movie, then follow it up with some house chores. I loved going anywhere with my Dad—shopping, to the car wash, running errands, anything. My dad called me his “PJ”, for pride and joy, and he is my mentor, my protector and my hero.

childhood4As a child I learned the value of hard work. The kids were expected to help keep the house clean and maintain our garden. On Saturday morning we would have to fill a grocery bag full of weeds and trimmings before we were allowed to play. During the week we were kept busy with cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, and our own rooms. While I struggled in the early years of school, by fifth grade I began to excel. I loved science so much that getting a microscope set for Christmas was the ultimate, amazing gift. As a young child I also learned to love reading. At first my Mom would pay me a dollar to read a book. In later years she would try paying me to stop reading books! I can sit and read for hours. I have read through the night because I thought a book was too interesting to put down.

Childhood: I am also the middle child of five. I grew up in the San childhood3Francisco Bay Area, where my dad worked as an accountant and my mom stayed home and raised us. We were very close as a family and would have family night each week. We were all very athletic and were always involved in one sport or another. I remember doing odd jobs as a family, like mowing lawns and chrischildfolding and mailing letters, to earn money for vacations. I think that working together to save up helped us grow closer and betterappreciate our trips together. One of my favorite vacations was when we drove down to Southern California and spent five straight days going to Disneyland and Universal Studios.
It may sound dirty, but my favorite activity growing up was playing in our mud pit. We had a spot in our back yard where we had dug a big hole. We would occasionally fill it with water, making a huge mud bath. My best friends and I would have epic battles with toy army men in the mud. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are still plastic army men buried there.

chrischild2We would often play baseball and football on our front lawns. Whenever we had money, we would walk down to the card shop to buy baseball cards and then get pizza. My siblings and I were inseparable as kids.








Adolescence: In high school I might have been classified as an athletic nerd. I kept up my 4.0GPA and took some Honors and AP classes while also excelling in volleyball, softball, and basketball. I was a four-year seminary graduate and loved the spiritual boost I got each morning. My favorite teacher in high school wasalso my volleyball coach, Mr. Byrd. Mr. Byrd inspired within me a passion for the sport of volleyball. He would quite often play with us in a scrimmage and spike the ball as hard as he could. Mr. Byrd was amazed at how I wouldn’t flinch and always positioned myself closer in order to dig his spike. Despite my passion for volleyball, I was still far superior on the softball field. softballws2I played softball since the age of eight. From the moment that I started playing softball I knew that I wanted to get a softball college scholarship. My little sisters played too, and as adolescents, softball took up the majority of our time. We even planned our family vacations around our softball schedule. Softball was something that we did as a family, that we enjoyed as a family,and that unified us as a family. I loved playing little league and had the experience of a lifetime when my little league all-star team made it to the Little League World Series of Softball in 1997. My sisters and I packed our bags and went to Kalamazoo, Michigan, for the finals. We played teams from Russia, Germany, Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, and all over the U.S. My sisters and I had always been known as a fierce trio of players. All of ussoftballws1 were softball standouts. With one sister onthe mound (Nichole), another at short stop (Natalie), and me at first base we were a force to be reckoned with. In the 13th inning of the final championship game, my little sister struck out the last batter and charged over to first base. I caught her as she leaped into my arms and proceeded to parade her around the field.

Adolescence: My family moved to Southern California when I was in the middle of eighth grade. My love of sports drove me to play basketball and volleyball my freshman year of high school. Basketball was fun, but I loved volleyballchrisplaying volleyball—and I was pretty good at it too. Several times as a freshman I was brought up to the varsity team for tournaments. As a sophomore I made the varsity team and established myself as a solid player. I remember one match where the opposing team had two seniors who were 6’8” matched up against my 6’4”, tenth-grade self. We won! I had a fantastic match and completely outplayed the taller players. I had been pretty shy entering high school, but matches like this really helped boost my confidence not only as a player but as a person.

In my junior year, my team was known as the Cardiac Kids because of the heart attacks we caused our parents when we would fall behind in a match and then miraculously come back and win. We had three straight, three-hour, come-from-behind wins in the playoffs to advance us to the championship game, although we ended up losing in the finals. We lost in the finals again during my senior year, but some of my fondest memories of high school happened on the volleyball court. My coach became one of my mentors and I became good friends with my teammates; I am still in contact with many of them.

In high school I also developed spiritually. I attended seminary all four years of high school, but it wasn’t until my junior year that I really started to love it. By my senior year, I couldn’t stand missing a day of seminary, and my testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ flourished.



College/Mission: I received a softball scholarship to play at Colgate University in New York. One of the highlights of being at Colgate was theopportunity to play college softball with my little sister Natalie. Natalie came to Colgate my junior year, and we both also played on the varsity volleyball team. However, it was on the softball field that we became really close. While I played short stop, Natalie played second base. We dominated the middle infield and even pulled off some trick plays. In the batting lineup, Natalie would hit right softballafter me. Every game I would get on base and Natalie would hit me in. With this dynamic, I lead the league and nation in runs scored and Natalie crushed the previousleague record for RBIs.  We would call each other’s pitches, give each other pep talks, and we always had each other’s back on the field. Natalie and I even had a homerun dance that we would do together on home plate when one of us hit a home run. The best times I had on the softball field were spent playing with my little sisters. In our entire careers we must have played hundreds of games together. Only once did we play against each other, and even then we were all cheering for each other. My little sister Nichole was playing for Marist College, and she struck me out on three straight rise balls; she knew they were my weakness. However, never before had I been so proud of a pitcher for striking me out.mission

After graduating from Colgate Idecided to serve a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I was called to the Spain, Bilbao Mission. My mission included some of the best times of my life. I love the people of Spain. I loved servingthem. I think about the friends I made on the mission all the time and wish that I had the resources to return to see them again. While in Spain I fell in love with the culture and took every csungradopportunity to learn about the history of the country. I am so grateful for the challenges that I faced there (learning a new language, adapting to the culture, working with strangers) because I know they have made me stronger.

Upon returning from my mission I picked up my education again by attending California State University–Northridge. While there I received my teaching credential and my Master’s Degree in Secondary Science Education.

College/Mission: missionchris2 I attended a year of community college beforeleaving on my mission to northern Colorado. My mission was the first time I had lived away from home. I learned and grew so much on my mission spiritually, physically, and emotionally. No dating, schooling, working, or TV and only two phone calls home a year allowed me to focus on the lives of the people I was serving instead of myself. I worked diligently to help people develop and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ, and in doing so I strengthened my own faith as well. I was able to meet so many missionwonderful people and to see how different families interacted with each other. I saw things that I wanted to incorporate into my own family someday.

While serving as a missionary I met a lot of people from a lot of professions, and I developed a habit of always asking people what they did for work, to see if I would be interested in doing something similar. When I returned from my mission I continued my education at the local community college. One day I met with my counselor there and decided to ask her about her profession. csungradchrisThe more she talked about her job, the more excited she was. I felt very strongly that being a school counselor was the profession I was made for. Ever since that day nine years ago, I have been working toward becoming a school counselor. I recently graduated with my Master’s Degree in School Counseling.







Marriage: Chris and I first officially met while on opposite side of a volleyball net. At a single adult church activity we were the standouts on each volleyball team. Through the net we talked about our volleyball experienceengagment and plans for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Of course I was impressed by this tall, handsome, athletic guy standing across from me, but my shy nature kept my interactions limited. Three days later, on Thanksgiving morning, we found ourselves once again on opposing teams—this time on the football field. Surrounded by friends trying to relive their glory days of high school football, Chris and I decided to cover one another. The idea of tackling or being tackled didn’t really appeal to us. It was a fun game and we both had some nice plays. Toward the end of the game my team was down by one touchdown. The play involved me going out for a straight sprint to the end zone. The ball was snapped and I sprinted my fastest to the end zone with Chris in pursuit. I was open!!! My full sprint had taken Chris by surprise so I was a few steps ahead. The quarterback saw this and launched the ball in my direction. As the football came arching down I could see that it was going to fall short and end up being intercepted by Chris. I like to think that my beauty literally swept him off his feet, but in reality it might have been my shoulder. Chris went toppling to the ground; I caught the ball and ran it in for a touchdown. Upon entering the end zone I remember thinking “well this guy isn’t going to like some girl knocking him down just to catch a football.” Maybe he was still dazed from the hit, but Chris later told me that he got up thinking, “Wow, I like how competitive this girl is!” After the game Chris and I talked for about two hours and set up our official first date. That was the last time we would ever be on opposite teams.

By the time Chris and I had dated for seven months, I knew he was the man for me. He was loving, compassionate, and attentive, and he made me a better wedding2person. I was impressed with his sense of adventure, how brave and calm he could be under pressure, and his willingness to go along with my crazy plans. On his birthday I surprised Chris with a morning hike and bungee jumping. Halfway to the bungee jumping site, when I told him what we would be doing, I could see the concern in his face. But like a true champ he stepped up to the platform and launched himself into the air when the countdown reached one. When it was my turn, I stood on the platform for about five minutes bemoaning my situation and wondering what possessed me to do this. Eventually I did jump. A few weeks later Chris proposed to me. It wasbeautiful and simple. He serenaded me with his guitar and then got down on one knee. In myexcitement, I am pretty sure I said “yes” before he even finished the question.

Two months later we were married in the LDS Los Angeles Temple for time and all eternity. We may have made a few wedding3silly faces across the alter; we may have even giggled from time to time during the ceremony. We definitely were ready to start our lives together. Since the moment we got engaged until now, I have never once doubted or regretted my decision. Each day I get to spend with my husband makes my life more fun, rich, and joyful. We have a saying we use quite often after we go through something awful or terrible: “Well that sucked, but it was alright because I was with you.” I love the adventures that we take and look forward to the next adventure of starting a family.

Marraige: I was first impressed by Melissa when I was sitting in the datingaudience at church while she delivered a talk right after she arrived home from her mission. Even though she doesn’t remember, afterward I told her that she did a great job. A little while later when we were playing volleyball, she impressed me again and we introduced ourselves. A few days later, on Thanksgiving, we were playing in a Turkey Bowl football game. I made a point of covering her. On one play, she went out for a deep pass, but the throw was short so I waited to intercept the ball. Right before the ball arrived I felt two gentle yet firm hands press into my back and shove me to the ground. I got up and was engagement2surprised to see that Melissa was the one who had shoved me down. I was so impressed that this girl, who barely knew me, was so competitive that she would shove me to the ground to prevent me from catching the ball. After we had finished playing we walked to our cars and ended up talking for a couple of hours in the parking lot. We started dating and I fell in love with the most beautiful, wonderful woman I have ever met.

One night, after one of our dates, Melissa told me that she knew she would not be able to have children. I was so impressed by her courage and strength for telling me that. I wanted to date and marry the most amazing woman I had ever met, whether we would be able to have our own children or not. A few months later, we were married in the Los Angeles Temple. I have never second guessed my decision. She is an incredible wife and I know that Melissa will make an outstanding mother. I look forward to seeing when some lucky child will be fortunate enough to call her “Mom.”

wedding3Melissa is such a great example to me in so many ways. She pushes me to always do my best. Her unquenchable thirst for adventure has helped me to grow and develop and try things that I would have been too scared to do on my own. She is brilliant, funny, beautiful, hardworking, and she is my best friend. I look forward to spending each day with her and I miss her whenever she is gone, even for a few hours.













Current: I have spent the past seven years as a biology/physiology teacher at a large charter high school. I love my job; I love working with youth fam7and enjoy the challenges that it presents me. Chris and I enjoy watching my students’ sporting events and musicals and chaperoning the school dances. I have recently become involved in the International Baccalaureate (IB) program at my school. The IB program has given me that chance to challenge myself as a teacher and further develop my skills.

I love being a mom and enjoy every moment I get to spend with little Topher. Yep even the mid night feedings, that's when he is especially snuggly. We look forward to the adventure of parenthood as we navigate it together. And anxiously await the opportunity to welcome more children into our family.

Current: fam4I have been working as a school counselor at a local High School. I am also in the process of learning Spanish in order to help me better serve my future students. Melissa and I love being active. We enjoy hiking, cycling, volleyball, crossfit, yoga, and anything else that involves exercise or being outside. We enjoy going to plays as well as sporting events. We both love to learn and are always seeking to increase our skills and knowledge. We like to travel and experience new things. We love each other very much, and with our relationship as a foundation I know we will make excellent parents and provide a loving home. We are enjoying our time as a family and getting to know our little baby boy.


Christopher (Topher) Ragan Savage

Hello! My name is Topher . I was born July of 2015. I think my family is pretty great. When my mommy and daddy first held me in their arms they told me that they love me to heaven and back, and every day they make sure I know it by playing with me and showering me with hugs and kisses. They are doing their very best to make sure I develop a love for God, family, exploration, and education, and will do the same for my future brother or sister. I love spending time with my family. My mommy and daddy and me love doing things together, like playing with my train set or blowing bubbles in the back yard, going for walks and meeting all the neighborhood dogs, or helping with chores around the house. We also get to visit my grandparents and my many aunts, uncles and cousins. One other thing I really like about my family is that I have an open adoption, so I hear from and occasionally visit my birthmother and birth sisters. I know that they will always have a special role in my life. I hope that my future brother or sister will also be able to have a special relationship with you.

Though I am only about two years old, I have already visited Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Montana, and Colorado. My parents have taken me hiking in the mountains, camping at the beach, and sledding in the snow. I have been to baseball and football games, parks, toddler gyms, and fun museums. They share the things they love with me, like dancing and singing while my dad plays the guitar, enjoying nature and visiting national parks, and playing sports and being healthy. They do their best to help me gain a love for exploring all the good things the world has to offer. My future sibling is going to have a lot of fun exploring the world with us. Since they work in schools, they get lots of days off of work so we get to travel and spend lots of time together. My mom is a high school science teacher and my dad is a school counselor, so education is very important to them and to me. They both have master’s degrees and love learning new things, and they make sure that I also love learning new things as well. My mommy is helping me learn shapes, colors, and counting through song, and my daddy is teaching me animal sounds and sign language so I can let them know what I want. I know they are going to help me and my future sibling get a very good education and learn everything we can. My parents have taught me the importance of loving God and His son, Jesus Christ. We say family prayers together, and each night before I go to bed we read scriptures. We go to church every Sunday, and I am so excited to finally be old enough to go into the nursery! My parents are teaching me about the gospel by showing me how to share and help others. I can’t wait to be able to share my toys with my younger brother or sister.


Our Savage Family est. 2007